My love of nature and photography started at an early age. Some of my best memories of my Ohio childhood were walks in the woods and climbing trees. My first camera was a brownie knockoff (

My educational background is in the natural sciences. Upon graduation from college, I left Ohio for New Mexico. I have lived most of my adult life in New Mexico with stints in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon. However, I have always found myself returning to New Mexico. I guess New Mexico is not called the Land of Enchantment for no reason. Certainly many artists have been inspired by the landscape in this beautiful place. I am constantly amazed at how the landscape looks different and magical everyday.

I hope that my imagery can inspire others to the beauty of this very scared planet upon which we live.


P. S. The photo credit for the above photo goes to TJ Avery. It was taken at Dantes View in Death Valley, CA.